All multifamily residential, business and/or manufacturing district uses (except home occupations of an office-type business nature and single-family and two-family dwelling units) shall provide a refuse collection area for trash, garbage and other discarded materials.  This area shall be either completely enclosed or enclosed on at least three of the four sides by a wall or fence that is at least four feet high.
   Provisions, as determined necessary by the Zoning Administrator, shall be made for regular and adequate vehicular access for collection purposes to any refuse collection area.
   In addition, the following requirements shall apply to all uses in all districts:
   (a)   The storage of hazardous and/or toxic materials and/or wastes shall not be permitted without documented approval of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and/or the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) (or their successors).
   (b)   Materials and/or wastes that might cause fumes or dust, otherwise constitute a fire hazard and/or attract rodents and/or insects, shall be stored only in closed containers constructed of impervious materials.
(Ord. 186-91.  Passed 10-15-92.)