Park Land and Open Space Dedication
1230.01   Findings.
1230.02   Purpose.
1230.03   Statement of policy.
1230.04   Definitions.
1230.05   Parks and Recreation Plan.
1230.06   Provisions for parks, recreation facilities and public open spaces.
1230.07   Determination of total population.
1230.08   Amount of land to be dedicated.
1230.09   Determination of fair market value.
1230.10   Land acquisition fee in lieu of dedication.
1230.11   Choice of land.
1230.12   Park impact fee.
1230.13   Credit for private open space.
1230.14   Treatment of land to be dedicated; procedure for dedication and payment of taxes.
1230.15   Limitation on use of land and taxes.
1230.16   Adjustment provision.
1230.17   Validity and separability.
1230.18   Repeal of conflicting ordinances.
1230.19   Commercial Office or other Business/Industrial use fee.