General Provisions and Definitions
1220.01   Short title.
1220.02   Application of regulations.
1220.03   Interpretation and purpose.
1220.04   Effect of regulations on existing laws; conflicts of laws.
1220.05   Plat or deed required; jurisdiction.
1220.06   Amendments.
1220.07   Separability.
1220.08   Definitions.
   Plat and subdivision defined - see Ohio R.C. 711.001
   Original plats - see Ohio R.C. 711.01 et seq.
   Vacating or altering plats on application of owner - see Ohio R.C. 711.17 et seq.
   Lots outside municipal boundaries - see Ohio R.C. 711.24 et seq.
   Revision of plats - see Ohio R.C. 711.28 et seq.
   Lost or destroyed records - see Ohio R.C. 711.34 et seq.
   Street dedication and acceptance - see Ohio R.C. 723.03