Municipal Court
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  The Madison County Municipal Court is established by Ohio R.C. 1901.01.  Ohio R.C. 1901.02 provides that the jurisdiction of the Court extends throughout Madison County.
290.01   Reimbursement for costs of confinement.
   Release of Court Clerk's liability for loss of funds - see Ohio R.C. 131.18 et seq.
   Power to establish schedule of fees and costs - see Ohio R.C. 1901.26
   Bond for Court Clerk required - see Ohio R.C. 1901.31(d)
   Bond for bailiff - see Ohio R.C. 1901.32(A)
   Juvenile Court jurisdiction; arrest of child - see Ohio R.C. 2151.01,  2151.23, 2151.25
   Notification to Director of liquor law convictions - see Ohio R.C. 4301.991
   Records of traffic violations - see Ohio R.C. 4513.37
   Suspension of driver's license - see TRAF. 408.03; GEN. OFF. 698.07
   Obstructing justice - see GEN. OFF. 608.07
   Using sham legal process - see GEN. OFF. 608.145