The Playground and Public Recreation Commission shall supervise all public playgrounds and recreation centers within the City, including the Municipal swimming pool, and shall, with the aid of the Superintendent of Recreation, plan and coordinate all public recreational programs.
   The Commission may, for and on behalf of the City, subject to approval of Council, receive legacies, gifts or bequests for the purchase, maintenance or improvement of grounds, buildings, equipment or facilities for the purpose of public recreation. All moneys received from such legacies, gifts or bequests shall, unless otherwise expressly provided by the terms of such legacies, gifts or bequests, be deposited in the City Treasury in the Playground and Public Recreation Fund.
   The Commission may recommend to Council, the Mayor or the Safety-Service Director the acquisition of lands and waterways, buildings, structures or other equipment and facilities for public recreation as it may from time to time deem necessary for the proper conduct of public recreation.
(Ord. 1490.  Passed 3-21-63.)