Employees Generally
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  Because of the frequency of change, provisions relating to regular compensation are not codified.  Copies of the latest relevant legislation may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
   The City enters into Agreements, from time to time, with representatives of various classes of Municipal employees, which Agreements provide for compensation, benefits and other incidents of employment.  The provisions of this chapter apply only to those persons and those subjects not otherwise provided for in such Agreements.  Copies of the latest relevant legislation and Agreements may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
260.01   Principles of employment.
260.02   Residence requirement.
260.03   Compensation.
260.04   Bonds.
260.05   Medical insurance; life insurance.
260.06   Municipal Health Insurance Fund.
260.07   Working hours; overtime.
260.08   Absence from work; holidays and vacations.
260.09   Deferred compensation.
260.10   Effect of collective bargaining agreements.
260.11   Drug-free work environment.
260.12   Funeral leave.
260.13   Equal employment opportunity policy.
260.14   Hiring and promotion criteria.
260.15   Wage continuation policy.
260.16   Sick leave.
260.17   Uniform allowance.
   Welfare - see Ohio Const., Art. II, Sec. 34
   Worker's compensation - see Ohio Const., Art. II, Sec. 35; Ohio R.C. Ch. 4123
   Wages and hours on public works - see Ohio Const., Art. II, Sec. 37; Ohio R.C. Ch. 4115
   Civil service - see Ohio Const., Art. XV, Sec. 10; Ohio R.C. Ch. 124
   Sick leave - see Ohio R.C. 124.38
   Civil Service Commission- see Ohio R.C. 124.40; ADM. Ch. 274
   Public Employees Retirement System - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 145
   Application to police and fire personnel - see Ohio R.C. 737.051, 737.10, 737.11
   Strikes by public employees - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 4117
   Obstructing official business - see GEN. OFF. 608.06, 618.09
   Unlawful interest in a public contract - see GEN. OFF. 608.10
   Improper compensation - see GEN. OFF. 608.11
   Dereliction of duty - see GEN. OFF. 608.12
   Interfering with civil rights - see GEN. OFF. 608.13, 636.22
   Impersonating an officer - see GEN. OFF. 608.14, 672.17