The following investments constitute a nonexclusive list of appropriate investments:
   (a)   The Ohio Subdivision's Fund ("STAR Ohio") set forth in Ohio R.C. 135.45.
   (b)   Bills, notes, bonds and other securities issued by the United States Treasury.
   (c)   Obligations guaranteed by the United States.
   (d)   Securities issued directly by Federal agencies or instrumentalities.
   (e)   Repurchase agreements whereby a securities dealer or public depository agrees to repurchase securities, provided that such agreements they require the dealer or public depository to provide the par value of securities subject to the repurchase agreement and to deliver the securities into the custody of the Fiscal Officer.  Repurchase agreements with dealers must be transacted on a delivery versus payment basis, and term repurchase agreements may not exceed thirty  days. The value of securities subject to an overnight or term repurchase agreement must exceed the principal amount of such agreement by at least two percent . Securities subject to a term repurchase agreement must be marked to market on a daily basis.
   (f)   Bonds and other obligations of the State.
   (g)   Time certificates of deposit, savings accounts and deposit accounts in any public depository.
(Res. 213-96.  Passed 12-6-96.)