Editor's note:  See § 130.99 for penalties applicable to any misdemeanor classification.
   (A)   Notwithstanding the fines otherwise required to be imposed pursuant to § 130.99 for violations of this chapter and the sentencing criteria provided in R.C. § 2929.22 the court shall impose a mandatory fine for any violation of this chapter as follows:
Classification          Mandatory
of Misdemeanor         Fine
First degree            $ 1000
Second degree              750
Third degree              500
Fourth degree              250
Minor                 100
   (B)   The court may impose a fine in addition to a mandatory fine imposed pursuant to division (A) hereof if the total of the additional and mandatory fines does not exceed the maximum fine that could be imposed pursuant to § 130.99.
   (C)   The court shall not impose a mandatory fine pursuant to division (A) hereof upon an offender who alleges, in an affidavit filed with the court prior to his sentencing, that he is indigent and is unable to pay any mandatory fine imposed pursuant to division (A) hereof, if the court determines the offender is an indigent person and is unable to pay the fine.