(A)   No person shall enter upon the land or into a building other than a residence, or any part thereof, of another after receiving, prior to the entry, notice from the owner or occupant that an entry is forbidden, or remain upon the land or in a building other than a residence, of another after receiving notice from the owner or occupant to depart.
   (B)   A person has received notice from the owner or occupant within the meaning of division (A) if he or she has been notified personally, either orally or in writing, including a valid court order as defined by ILCS Ch. 725, Act 5, § 112A-3(7), granting remedy (2) of ILCS Ch. 725, Act 5, § 112A-14(b), or if a printed or written notice forbidding an entry has been conspicuously posted or exhibited at the main entrance to the land or the forbidden part thereof.
   (C)   This section does not apply to any person, whether a migrant worker or otherwise, living on the land with permission of the owner or owner's agent having apparent authority to hire workers on the land and assign them living quarters or a place of accommodation for living thereon, nor to anyone living on the land at the request of, or by occupancy, leasing, or other agreement or arrangement with the owner or owner's agent, nor to anyone invited by the migrant worker or other person so living on the land to visit that person at the place the person is so living on the land.
   (D)   A person shall be exempt from prosecution under this section if he or she beautifies unoccupied and abandoned residential or industrial properties located within this city. For the purpose of this division, UNOCCUPIED AND ABANDONED RESIDENTIAL or INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY means any real estate in which the taxes have not been paid for a period of at least two years, and which has been left unoccupied and abandoned for a period of at least one year. BEAUTIFIES means to landscape, clean up litter, or to repair dilapidated conditions on or to board up windows and doors.
   (E)   No person shall be liable in any civil action for money damages to the owner of unoccupied and abandoned residential and industrial property which that person beautifies pursuant to division (D) of this section.
(`79 Code, § 130.110) (Ord. 748, passed 1-17-72) Penalty, see § 10.99
   Trespassing, see ILCS Ch. 720, Act 5, § 21-3