All persons desiring to conduct a special event shall first submit an application to the City Clerk’s office no less than 30 days prior to the event. The City Clerk will forward all application materials for a special event permit to appropriate personnel in other departments, as necessary, for review and approval. Application fee and documentation to be provided at time of submittal shall include:
   (A)   A non-refundable processing fee of $25 per event.
   (B)   A valid copy of a state issued licensed or identification card for the contact person.
   (C)   A site plan illustrating the location of the proposed event and all equipment to be used (including portable restroom facilities), the type of protective barrier and/or pedestrian and traffic control safety measures, any existing building/s, streets, drive aisles, parking, circulation paths, and access locations. It is also recommended that a map showing existing conditions be included with the submittal such as can be found on Google, Map Quest or Bing.
   (D)   Details on the type of protective barrier or pedestrian and traffic control safety measures to be used.
   (E)   Details on the type of equipment (i.e. grills, lighting, and the like) to be used, including temporary structures such as canopies, tents or fencing, and any power source (charcoal, propane, electricity).
   (F)   If applicant is not owner of property, then written permission from the property owner shall be provided at time of application.
   (G)   Other details or information as may be requested.
(Ord. 14-015, passed 5-7-14)