A special event shall be subject to the following restrictions, as applicable.
   (A)   No more than four special events shall be permitted per calendar year at any one location.
   (B)   An individual special event shall be limited to a maximum of four consecutive days with no less than 30 days between each special event.
   (C)   The use of a tent or canopy in conjunction with a special event is allowed. However if a tent or canopy is erected, used or maintained, then it shall meet all yard setback requirements of the zoning district where is it located, as well as comply with all applicable building codes.
   (D)   Hours for a special event are limited to 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except on properties zoned C4 Downtown Commercial, where event hours can be extended to 12:00 midnight or hour extended by the City Administrator in other zoning districts as deemed appropriate.
   (E)   Sound amplification/playing of music shall be so controlled so as not to be unreasonably loud, raucous, jarring, disturbing or become a nuisance to adjacent uses. The same is subject to the city’s noise ordinances §§ 130.04 and 156.072. In the event that the applicant does not comply with the noise ordinance of the city, the police shall submit a written notice to the applicant providing requirements to comply with the noise ordinance. In the event that the applicant does not comply with the City of Lockport Police Department’s recommendations then the Lockport Police Department has the authority to close the event or a portion of the event in order for the event to conform the noise ordinances of the city.
   (F)   Protective barriers, such as barricades or temporary fencing shall be installed to ensure that the area designated for the special event is protected from encroachment by vehicle/s. However the protective barrier must be easily removed in case of an emergency.
   (G)   Fire lanes, fire connections, and fire hydrants shall remain free and clear for adequate accessibility and use in an emergency.
   (H)   The person listed on the application as having the authority to control the event must remain at the event until its completion, and shall be available to accept any complaints.
   (I)   The person listed on the application or sponsoring the event shall be responsible for the removal of all litter and refuse on the property, or deposited in the public right-of-way or onto adjacent properties. All operating areas designated for the special event shall be kept free of trash and loose debris as a result of the event.
   (J)   No alcoholic beverage shall be sold at any event unless the proper State of Illinois and City of Lockport liquor license has been issued. Underage drinking is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are to remain within the area designated for the special event and not allowed on the public right-of-way or adjacent properties. All beverages shall be served in a non-glass container.
   (K)   No stakes are to be driven into the pavement of any public street or public sidewalk.
   (L)   Special event shall be operated from only the area/s specifically designated on the site plan attached to the application.
   (M)   Security for the special event shall be provided as determined by the city’s Chief of Police.
   (N)   Portable restroom facilities shall be provided as determined by City’s Building Official based upon by the estimated size of the event and the availability of permanent washroom facilities.
   (O)   Specific to a block party or gathering, in addition to the above, the following shall also apply:
      (1)   No public right-of-way shall be completely blocked by any block party or gathering, but rather, access must be available for any person wishing to use the public right-of-way for either pedestrian or vehicular purposes; and
      (2)   That portion of the public right-of-way to be used by the block party or gathering shall be designated with two signs and two barricades to be provided by the city. Public works will deliver the signs and barricades to the address of the applicant leaving them by the garage or against the house, and will pick up the signs and barricades at the same location the following working day.
   (P)   If there is an active homeowner’s association (HOA), an approval from an HOA board member of the special event will be required.
(Ord. 14-015, passed 5-7-14; Am. Ord. 19-034, passed 9-18-19)