(A)   A petition to set aside determination of an automated traffic law violation must be filed with or mailed to the Traffic Control Administrator within 14 days of the date of mailing of the notice of determination of liability.
   (B)   The grounds for the petition are limited to:
      (1)   The person was not the owner or lessee of the cited vehicle on the date of the violation notice was issued;
      (2)   The person having already paid the fine for the violation in question; and
      (3)   Excusable failure to appear at or request a new date for a hearing.
   (C)   Upon receipt of a timely petition to set aside the determination of liability, the Hearing Officer shall review the petition to determine if cause has been shown to set aside the determination.
      (1)   If cause has been shown, the city shall forward the petitioner a new hearing date on which the petitioner must appear to present his or her case.
      (2)   The city shall notify the petitioner of the Hearing Officer's decision to grant a hearing or deny the petition within 14 days of the city's receipt.
(Ord. 08-833, passed 12-17-08)