(A)   In order to be considered for a wastewater discharge permit, all industrial users required to have a wastewater discharge permit must submit the information required by § 55.032(B). The Superintendent shall approve a form to be used as a permit application. In addition, the following information may be requested:
      (1)   Description of activities, facilities, and plant processes on the premises, including a list of all raw materials and chemicals used or stored at the facility which are, or could accidentally or intentionally be, discharged to the POTW.
      (2)   Number and type of employees, hours of operation, and proposed or actual hours of operation of the industrial user.
      (3)   Each product produced by type, amount, process or processes, a brief description of nature, average rate of production, and a schematic process diagram.
      (4)   Type and amount of raw materials processed (average and maximum per day).
      (5)   The site plans, floor plans, mechanical and plumbing plans, and details to show all sewers, floor drains, and appurtenances by size, location and elevation, and all points of discharge.
      (6)   Time and duration of the discharge.
      (7)   Any other information as may be deemed necessary by the Superintendent to evaluate the wastewater discharge permit application.
   (B)   Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be processed and will be returned to the industrial user for revision.
(Ord. 16-005, passed 5-18-16)