The following abbreviations shall have the designated meanings:
   (A)   BOD - Biochemical oxygen demand (may also mean the total biochemical oxygen demand).
   (B)   BOD5 - Five day biochemical oxygen demand.
   (C)   CFR - Code of Federal Regulations. (40 CFR, Part 403 is Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 403).
   (D)   COD - Chemical oxygen demand.
   (E)   DAF - Daily average flow.
   (F)   DMF - Daily maximum flow.
   (G)   FOG - Fats, oils, and greases.
   (H)   gpd - gallons per day.
   (I)   IEPA - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
   (J)   IU - Industrial user.
   (K)   IWS - Industrial wastewater survey.
   (L)   LSSD - Lockport Sanitary Sewer Department.
   (M)   l - Liter.
   (N)   mg - Milligrams.
   (O)   mg/l - Milligrams per liter.
   (P)   NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Svstem.
   (Q)   POTW - Publicly owned treatment works.
   (R)   RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
   (S)   SIC - Standard industrial classification.
   (T)   SWDA - Solid Waste Disposal Act, 42 USC 6901, et seq.
   (U)   TSS - Total suspended solids.
   (V)   TTO - Total toxic organics.
   (W)   USC - United States Code.
   (X)   USEPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency.
(Ord. 16-005, passed 5-18-16)