Trees or shrubs planted upon a public way, curb strip, street, alley or village park or other village property, may be removed by the Public Works Director, as necessary, to protect the public health, safety, welfare and aesthetics. The Public Works Director may cause the removal of any such tree or shrub by using village employees, or private contractors under contract with the village. Other entities such as public utilities shall, prior to trimming or removing any trees, obtain permission to do so from the Village Tree Commission; provided, however, that in the event of a public emergency declared by the Mayor, such approval shall not be necessary. Any entity properly authorized to work in the public right-of-way shall be responsible for ensuring that trees shall be properly wrapped and placed on a feeding and watering schedule for a reasonable period before, during and after grading, construction, or any other type of work that could disturb the root systems or other parts of trees on public property.
(Ord. 86-31, passed 9-2-1986; Am. Ord. 98-49, passed 12-7-1998; Am. Ord. 2018-26, passed 7-9-2018)