Editor’s note:
   There are no sections in Chapter 1020. This chapter has been established to provide a place for statutory references, cross-references and any future legislation.
   Driving on streets closed for repair, see § 432.24
   Obstruction of streets, see § 412.01
   Parking on undedicated streets, see § 452.16
Statutory reference:
   Change of name, vacating and narrowing streets, see Ohio R.C. §§ 723.04 et seq.
   Dedication and acceptance, see Ohio R.C. § 723.03
   Excavation liability, see Ohio R.C. §§ 723.49 et seq.
   Openings by the municipality, see Ohio R.C. § 723.02
   Power to establish and care for streets, see Ohio R.C. §§ 715.19, 717.01 and 723.01
   Surface treatment, see Ohio R.C. §§ 723.23 and 723.31