10-2-1: Zone District Requirements
10-2-2: A-1 Agricultural District
10-2-3: R-S Residential-Suburban Agricultural District
10-2-4: R-L Residential-Limited Agricultural District
10-2-5: R-E Residential-Estates District
10-2-6: R-1 Residential Single-Family District
10-2-7: R-2 Residential Single-Family District
10-2-8: R-3 Residential Single-Family District
10-2-9: R-3X Residential Multiple-Family District
10-2-10: R-4 Residential Multiple-Family District
10-2-11: MH Mobile Home District
10-2-12: R-5 Residential Multiple-Family District
10-2-13: B-P Business And Professional District
10-2-14: T Transitional District
10-2-15: B-1 Neighborhood Business District
10-2-16: B-2 Community Business District
10-2-17: B-3 General Business District
10-2-18: CA Central Area Multiple Use District
10-2-19: STP Scientific And Technological Park District
10-2-20: I-P Industrial Park District
10-2-21: I-1 Light Industrial District
10-2-22: I-2 Heavy Industrial District
10-2-23: PD Planned Development District
10-2-24: OS Park/Open Space District
10-2-25: CEM Cemetery District
10-2-26: FP-O Floodplain Overlay District