The Charter Convention elected on 21 April 1953, presents to the voters of the City of Littleton, Colorado, this Charter for their approval.
   Two objectives of the members of the Charter Convention have been:
   First - That the Charter must reserve to the people of the City absolute right and power of a self-government under the home rule provisions of the Constitution of the State of Colorado;
   Second - That the Charter must ensure the orderly and economical management of the City government guided and controlled by the people through their elected representatives.
   To accomplish these objectives, the Charter provides for the council- manager form of City government.
   The policy-making, legislative, and budget making powers are vested in a Council composed of seven qualified electors, elected by popular vote, four from districts and three from the City at large. Provisions are made for the recall of elected officers, for control of legislation by the people through initiative and referendum, and for the amendment of the Charter by popular vote.
   The rights of the people with respect to franchises are carefully safeguarded.
   Power to create and control necessary boards and commissions is vested in the Council.
   The administrative officers of the City will be a City Manager, appointed by the Council on the basis of his administrative abilities. Provision is made in the Charter for the removal of the City Manager at the pleasure of the Council. The City Manager will prepare a budget, but final approval and adoption of such budget and all appropriations of City funds will remain in the hands of the Council. The acts of the City Manager will be subject to review by the Council.
   In order to preserve the independence of the judicial arm of government, provision is made that the municipal judge will be appointed by the Council for a term of two years, subject to removal at any time by unanimous vote of the entire Council.
   The first election under the Charter will be held on 3 November 1959. Provision is made for orderly change from the present form of government to that of a home rule City.
   The members of the Charter Convention believe that this Charter will provide the basic law upon which the citizens of Littleton may build a sound and progressive City government.
   We the people of the City of Littleton, Colorado, under the authority of the Constitution of the State of Colorado, do ordain, establish and adopt this Charter for our municipal government.