The sewer service charge system and sewer service fund shall be administrated according to the following provisions:
   (A)   The City Clerk shall maintain a proper system of accounts suitable for determining the operation and maintenance, equipment replacement and debt retirement costs of the treatment works, and shall furnish the City Council with a report of those costs annually in December.  The City Council shall annually determine whether or not sufficient revenue is being generated for the effective operation, maintenance, replacement and management of the treatment works, and whether sufficient revenue is being generated for debt retirement.  The Council will also determine whether the user charges are distributed proportionately to each user in accordance with § 51.113(B).  The city shall thereafter, but not later than the end of the year, reassess and as necessary revise the Sewer Service Charge System then in use to ensure the proportionality of the user charges and to ensure the sufficiency of funds to maintain the capacity and performance to which the facilities were constructed, and to retire the construction debt.
   (B)   In accordance with federal and state requirements, each user will be notified annually in conjunction with a regular billing of that portion of the sewer service charge attributable to operation, maintenance and replacement.
   (C)   In accordance with federal and state requirements, the City Clerk shall be responsible for maintaining all records necessary to document compliance with the Sewer Service Charge System adopted.
   (D)   Bills for sewer service charges shall be rendered on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis as designated by Council, succeeding the period for which the service was rendered and shall be due ten days from the date of rendering.  Any bill not paid in full 30 days after the due date will be considered delinquent.  At that time the city shall notify the delinquent owner/occupant in writing regarding the delinquent bill and subsequent penalty.  The penalty shall be computed at 10% of the original bill and shall be increased the same 10% for every quarter the bill is outstanding.  Disconnection of services for late payment shall follow the procedures established in Chapter 54.
   (E)   The owner of the premises shall be liable to pay for the service to their premises, and the service is furnished to the premises by the city only upon the condition that the owner of the premises is liable therefore to the city.
   (F)   Any additional costs caused by discharges to the treatment works of toxics or other incompatible wastes, including the cost of restoring wastewater treatment services, clean up and restoration of the receiving waters and environs, and sludge disposal, shall be borne by the discharger of the wastes, at no expense to the city.