Where required by the city, the owner of any property serviced by a sanitary sewer shall provide protection from an accidental discharge of prohibited materials or other substances regulated by this chapter.  Where necessary, facilities to prevent accidental discharges of prohibited materials shall be provided and maintained at the owner's expense.  Detailed plans showing facilities and operating procedures to provide this protection shall be submitted to the Utilities Superintendent for review and approval prior to construction of the facility.  Review and approval of the plans and operating procedures shall not relieve any user from the responsibility to modify the user's facility as necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter.  Users shall notify the Utilities Superintendent immediately upon having a slug or accidental discharge of substances of wastewater in violation of this chapter to enable countermeasures to be taken by the Utilities Superintendent to minimize damage to the wastewater treatment works.  The notification will not relieve any user of any liability for any expense, loss or damage to the wastewater treatment system or treatment process, or for any fines imposed on the city on account thereof under any state and federal law.  Employers shall ensure that all employees who may cause or discover a discharge are advised of the emergency notification procedure.
Penalty, see § 51.999