§ 177.58  VARIANCES.
   Any person desiring to erect or increase the height of any structure, or permit the growth of any tree, or use his or her property not in accordance with the regulations prescribed in this subchapter may apply to the Board of Adjustment, hereinafter provided for, for a variance from such regulations.  If a person submits an application for a variance by certified mail to the members of the Board and the Board fails to grant or deny the variance within four months after the last member receives the application, the variance shall be deemed to be granted by the Board.  When the variance is granted by reason of the failure of the Board to act on the variance, the person receiving the variance shall notify the Board and the Commissioner of Transportation by certified mail that the variance has been granted.  The applicant shall include a copy of the original application for the variance with this notice to the Commissioner. The variance shall be effective 60 days after this notice is received by the Commissioner subject to any action taken by the Commissioner pursuant to M.S. § 360.063, subd. 6.  Such variances shall be allowed where it is duly found that a literal application or enforcement of the regulations would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship and relief granted would not be contrary to the public interest but do substantial justice and be in accordance with the spirit of this subchapter provided any variance so allowed may be subject to any reasonable conditions that the Board of Adjustment or Commissioner may deem necessary to effectuate the purpose of this subchapter.
(Ord. 68, passed 1-11-1979)