Access to the city from the south is to be that area of the right-of-way that permits such travel and parallels Highway No. 65 to the intersection of Highway No. 217 and 65, northerly in the right-of-way that allows such travel to the MN/DOT Bridge that spans the Littlefork River, hence onto the right-of-way that permits such travel to the intersection of Second Street East and Main Street to Front Street.  On Front Street one must travel north to the location where Front Street and County Road 22 intersect. At this location one must travel north on County Road 22 in the right-of-way that permits such travel.  Snowmobilers traveling from the north to south shall proceed in reverse along detailed route.  In addition, a route is established for all snowmobilers to have access to and from Front Street along Fifth Street, a distance of 400 feet, for the purpose of securing fuel and other needs.
(Ord. 87, passed 11-7-1991)