A.   FUTURE USES:Except as specifically provided in Paragraphs 1 and 2 hereunder, no material change shall be made in the use of land and no structure shall be erected, altered, or otherwise established in any zone hereby created unless a permit therefore shall have been applied for and granted by the zoning administrator, hereinafter, provided for. Each application for a permit shall indicate the purpose for which the permit is desired, with sufficient particularity to permit it to conform to the regulations herein prescribed. If such determination is in  the affirmative, the permit shall be granted.
      1.   However, a permit for a tree or structure of less than seventy five (75) feet of vertical height above the ground shall not be required in the horizontal and conical zones or in any approach and transitional zones beyond a horizontal distance of four thousand two hundred (4,200) feet from each end of the runway except when such tree or structure, because of terrain, land contour, or topographic features, would extend the height or land use limit prescribed for the respective zone.
      2.   Nothing contained in this foregoing exception shall be construed as permitting or intending to permit any construction, alteration, or growth of any structure or tree in excess of any of the height limitations established by this Ordinance as set forth in SECTION IV and the land use limitations set forth in SECTION V.
   B.   EXISTING USES: Before any existing use or structure may be replaced, substantially altered or repaired, or rebuilt within any zone established herein, a permit must be secured authorizing such replacement, change, or repair. No permit shall be granted that would allow the establishment or creation of an airport hazard or permit a nonconforming use, structure, or tree to become a greater hazard to air navigation than it was on the effective date of this Ordinance or any amendments thereto, or than it is when the application for a permit is made. Except as indicated, all applications for such a permit shall be granted.
   C.   NONCONFORMING USES ABANDONED OR DESTROYED: Whenever the zoning administrator determines that a nonconforming structure or tree has been abandoned or more than eighty percent (80%) torn down, deteriorated, or decayed, no permit shall be granted that would allow such structure or tree to exceed the applicable height limit or otherwise deviate from the zoning regulations. Whether application is made for a permit under this paragraph or not, the zoning administrator may order the owner of the abandoned or partially destroyed nonconforming structure, at his own expense, to lower, remove, reconstruct, or equip the same in the manner necessary to conform to the provisions of this Ordinance. In the event the owner of the nonconforming structure shall neglect or refuse to comply with such order for ten (10) days after receipt of written notice of such order, the zoning administrator may, by appropriate legal action, proceed to have the abandoned or partially destroyed nonconforming structure lowered, removed, reconstructed, or equipped and assess the cost and expense thereof against the land on which the structure is or was located. Unless such an assessment is paid within ninety (90) days from the service of notice thereof on the owner of the land, the sum shall bear interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum from the date the cost and expense is incurred until paid, and shall be collected in the same manner as are general taxes.