The Little Falls/Morrison County Joint Airport Zoning Board, created and established by joint action of the City Council of the City of Little Falls, the Board of Commissioners of Morrison County, and the Town Boards of Little Falls Township pursuant to the provisions and authority of Minnesota Statutes Section 360.063, hereby finds and declares that:
   A.   An airport hazard endangers the lives and property of users of the Little Falls/Morrison County Airport, and property or occupants of land in its vicinity; and also if of the obstructive type, in effect reduces the size of the area available for the landing, takeoff, and maneuvering of aircraft, thus tending to destroy or impair the utility of said Airport and the public investment therein.
   B.   The creation or establishment of an airport hazard is a public nuisance and an injury to the region served by the Little Falls/Morrison County Airport.
   C.   For the protection of the public health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare, and for the promotion of the most appropriate use of land, it is necessary to prevent the creation or establishment of airport hazards.
   D.   The prevention of these airport hazards should be accomplished, to the extent legally possible, by the exercise of the police power without compensation.
   E.   The prevention of the creation or establishment of airport hazards, and the elimination, removal, alteration, mitigation, or marking and lighting of existing airport hazards are public purposes for which political subdivisions may raise and expend public funds.
   F.   The Little Falls/Morrison County Airport is an essential public facility that serves an important public transportation role and provides a public good.
   G.   This Ordinance amends and replaces the Little Falls/Morrison County Airport Zoning Ordinance adopted February 1, 1979 and amended December 2, 1993.