In addition to the definitions contained in Minnesota statutes 340A.101 as it may be amended from time to time, the following terms are defined for purposes of this chapter:
LIQUOR: As used in this chapter, without modification by the words "intoxicating" or "3.2 percent malt" includes both intoxicating liquor and 3.2 percent malt liquor.
PARTY ROOM: That portion of a licensed premises designated as a "party room" in a written plan filed with the city administrator, and meeting the following requirements: a) having a separate entrance from the rest of the licensed premises; b) being separated from the rest of the licensed premises by walls and/or doors not open to use by the general public; and c) being provided with separate washroom facilities from the rest of the licensed premises.
RESTAURANT: An eating facility, other than a hotel, under the control of a single proprietor or manager, where meals are regularly prepared on the premises, where full waitress/waiter table service is provided, where a customer orders food from printed menus and where the main food course is served and consumed while seated at a single location. To be a "restaurant" as defined by this section, an establishment shall have a license from the state as required under Minnesota statutes 157.16, as it may be amended from time to time, and meet the definition of either a "small establishment", "medium establishment" or "large establishment" as defined in Minnesota statutes 157.16, subdivision 3(d), as it may be amended from time to time. An establishment which serves prepackaged food that receives heat treatment and is served in the package or frozen pizza is heated and served, shall not be considered to be a restaurant for purposes of this chapter unless it meets the definitions of a "small establishment", "medium establishment" or "large establishment".
WINE: Sparkling and carbonated wine, wine made from condensed grape must, wine from other agricultural products than sound, ripe grapes, imitation wine, vermouth, cider, perry and sake, in each instance containing not less than seven percent (7%) nor more than twenty four percent (24%) alcohol by volume for nonindustrial use. (Ord. 78, 6th Series, eff. 7-6-2015)