A.   Council Action: No device, sign or signal shall be erected or maintained for traffic or parking control unless the Council shall first have approved and directed the same, except as otherwise provided in this section; provided, that when traffic and parking control is marked or signposted, such marking or signposting shall attest to Council action thereon.
   B.   Temporarily Or Experimentally Restricting Or Directing Traffic And Parking; Curb Painting:
      1.   When clearly marked, barricaded or signposted, traffic and parking may be temporarily restricted and controlled for any public or private use. The Chief of Police is authorized to temporarily restrict and control traffic and parking in accordance herewith.
      2.   Restricted or prohibited use of parking and traffic lanes may be designated by painting the same upon streets and curbs. Such work shall be done by the Street Department under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police and in compliance with the provisions of this chapter and chapters 8 and 9 of this Code.
      3.   It is unlawful to use traffic or parking lanes contrary to signposting or marking authorized and described in this section.
      4.   Temporary or experimental restrictions may be placed on traffic and parking by agreement between the Street Department and the Chief of Police when an extra hazardous or unusual condition is observed or arises. It is unlawful to violate any restriction or direction when the same has been duly marked, barricaded or signposted. (Ord. 126, 2nd Series, eff. 10-1-1984)
   C.   Parking Restrictions: No person shall park a motor vehicle for more than three (3) consecutive hours on the following streets: 1) Broadway Avenue from Wood Street to Third Street Southeast; 2) Kidder Street from First Avenue Southeast to First Avenue Northeast; 3) First Street from Second Avenue Southeast to First Avenue Northeast; 4) Second Street from First Avenue Southeast to First Avenue Northeast; 5) First Avenue Southeast from Kidder Street to Second Street Northeast; 6) First Avenue Northeast from Kidder Street to Second Street Northeast, at the times specified herein. This parking restriction shall be in full force from seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. to nine o'clock (9:00) P.M. every day, except Sundays and legal holidays. (Ord. 53, 3rd Series, eff. 7-11-1988)