A.   Definitions: The following terms, as used in this section, shall have the meanings stated:
    GARBAGE: All putrescible wastes, including animal offal and carcasses of dead animals, but excluding human excreta, sewage and other water carried wastes.
   OTHER REFUSE: Ashes, glass, crockery, cans, paper, boxes, rags and similar nonputrescible wastes, but excluding sand, earth, brick, stone, concrete, trees, tree branches and wood.
   B.   License Required: It is unlawful for any person to haul garbage or other refuse for hire without a license therefor from the city, or to haul garbage or other refuse from his own residence or business property other than as herein excepted. (1976 Code)
   C.   (Rep. by Ord. 124, 2nd Series, eff. 9-10-1984)
   D.   Exception: Nothing in this section shall prevent persons from hauling garbage or other refuse from their own residences or business properties, provided the following rules are observed: 1) all garbage is hauled in containers that are watertight on all sides and the bottom and with tightfitting covers on top; 2) all other refuse is hauled in vehicles leakproof for the type of cargo being hauled, and completely covered or enclosed by canvas or other means of material so as to completely eliminate the possibility of loss of cargo; and 3) all garbage and other refuse shall be dumped or unloaded only at an authorized disposal site.
   E.   Rules And Regulations: Each licensee shall conform to all reasonable rules and regulations for the hauling of garbage or refuse as may from time to time be provided by the council. The city administrator shall notify each such licensee in writing whenever the council makes any such rules or regulations and the same may be made by a motion or resolution of the council. (1976 Code)