A.   Right To Deny: The council reserves to itself the right to deny any application for a license to operate any business licensed or regulated under this chapter where such business involves service to the public, rates charged for service, use of public streets or other public property by the applicant or the public, or the public health, safety and convenience. The council may also consider the location of such business in making such determination.
   B.   Rates: Where, under specific provisions of this chapter, the council has reserved to itself the right to fix or approve fees, rates or charges of a licensed or regulated business, such rates shall be uniform for each category or class of service, and no licensee or proprietor of a regulated business shall claim or demand payment in excess thereof. (Ord. 124, 2nd Series, eff. 9-24-1984; amd. 1992 Code)
   C.   Basis For Denial Of License: The following shall be grounds for denying the issuance or renewal of a license under this chapter; however, except as may otherwise be provided by law, the existence of any particular ground for denial does not mean that the city must deny the license. This section shall not limit the city in its determination of whether a license should be granted or denied. If a license is mistakenly issued or renewed to a person, it shall be revoked upon the discovery that the person was ineligible for the license under this chapter:
      1.   Age: The license will be denied if the applicant is under the age of eighteen (18), and the activity of the license applied for requires that the holder of the license be over the age of eighteen (18), such as the sale of tobacco and tobacco related products.
      2.   Violations: The applicant has been convicted within the past five (5) years of any violation of federal, state or local law, or other regulation relating to the activity for which a license is applied for.
      3.   Previous Revocation: The applicant has had a license for that activity revoked within the preceding twelve (12) months of the date of application.
      4.   Missing, False Or Misleading Information: The applicant fails to provide any information required on the application, or provides false or misleading information.
      5.   Prohibited By Law: The applicant is prohibited by federal, state or other local law, or other regulation, from holding such a license.
      6.   Delinquent Taxes: The applicant is delinquent in the payment of state, federal or local taxes. (Ord. 102, 4th Series, eff. 1-1-1998)