A.   Purpose: This section is established to protect historic resources from destruction by providing the heritage preservation commission and the city council with authority to identify historic resources and to review and approve or deny all proposed demolitions of property within ninety (90) days.
   B.   Identification Of Historic Resources: Properties are designated as historic resources if they are listed on the national register of historic places, or are located in a national, or Little Falls historic, or conservation district, or designated as a Little Falls preservation landmark, or such other property as the city council may determine, referring to sources of information reasonably believed to be relevant to such determination.
   C.   Review Of Demolition Permits: The city shall review all applications for a demolition permit to determine whether the affected property has been identified as a historic resource. If the property has not been identified as a historic resource, the demolition permit shall be approved. If the city determines that the property is a historic resource, the heritage preservation commission may withhold a demolition permit for a period of up to ninety (90) days. The property owner may appeal any decision to withhold a demolition permit to the city council, who shall first hold a public hearing.
   D.   Mitigation Plan: The heritage preservation commission may require a mitigation plan as a condition of any approval for demolition of a historic resource. Such plan may include the documentation of the property by measured drawings, photographic recording, historic research or other means appropriate to the significance of the property. Such plan also may include the salvage and preservation of specified building materials, architectural details, ornaments, fixtures and similar items for use in restoration elsewhere. (Ord. 43, 5th Series, eff. 1-28-2002)