(A)   Parking spaces accessory to any dwelling located in any business district shall be located within 200 feet of the dwelling.  Parking spaces accessory to any other conforming use located in any business or industrial district shall be located within 500 feet of the use served.
   (B)   No parking space accessory to any use located in business or industrial district shall be located in any residential district except by special use permit; and in no case shall any such parking areas extend more than 500 feet into a residential district.
   (C)   In any business or industrial district, off-street parking facilities for different buildings or uses may be provided collectively if the total number of spaces so located together is not less than the sum of the separate requirements for each use, and if all regulations governing location of parking spaces in relation to the use served are observed.
(Ord. 2831, passed 3-4-1999)