(A)   Existing off-street parking or loading facilities located on the same lot as the use served shall not be reduced below, or if already less than, shall not be further reduced below the requirements and standards for similar new structures or uses.
   (B)   When an existing structure or use is damaged or destroyed and subsequently repaired or rebuilt, additional off-street parking and loading facilities need not be provided, but parking/loading facilities equivalent to any maintained at the time of such damage or destruction shall be restored.
   (C)   Whenever the use of any structure or premises is intensified through addition of dwelling units, gross floor area, seating capacity, etc., additional parking and loading facilities commensurate with such increase in use-intensity shall be provided.
   (D)   Whenever the existing use of a structure is changed to a different use, parking or loading facilities shall be provided as required herein for such new use.
(Ord. 2831, passed 3-4-1999)