§ 150.071 JUNK YARDS.
   (A)   A JUNK YARD is defined as an open area of land and any accessory structures thereon that are used for buying, selling, exchanging, storing, baling, packing, disassembling, or handling waste or scrap materials. Such scrap materials include vehicles, machinery, and equipment not in operable condition or parts thereof, and metals, glass, paper, plastics, rags, and rubber tires. A lot on which 3 or more inoperable vehicles are stored shall be deemed a junk yard. A junk yard includes an automobile wrecking yard.
   (B)   Junk yards shall not be allowed within the corporate limits of this municipality. Those junk yards in existence prior to the adoption of this section will be “grandfathered”. Such yards may be sold so long as it continues to be a junk yard. If the property ceases to be a junk yard after 1 year, it will be re-zoned the same as the district that adjoins or surrounds it.
   (C)   All existing approved junk yards within the city limits of Litchfield prior to the adoption of this section must be screened by a wall, solid fence or closely planted shrubbery 8 feet high and of sufficient density to block the view from adjacent property within 3 years of the adoption of this section.
   (D)   The operation of non-approved junk yards will be required to cease, including the removal of all materials from the yard, within 3 years of the adoption of this section.
   (E)   All new proposed junk yards must be approved by the City Council with the advice and consent of the Planning Commission.
   (F)   All new junk yards must be inspected, and registered with the City Building Inspector. The fee for registration and inspection will be $50.
(Ord. 2831, passed 3-4-1999)