§ 150.001 PURPOSE.
   (A)   In accordance with state law, this chapter regulates structures and land uses in order to preserve, protect, and promote the public health, safety and welfare. More specifically, this chapter is intended to assist in achieving the following objectives:
      (1)   To encourage the development of buildings and uses on appropriate sites in order to maximize community-wide social and economic benefits while accommodating the particular needs of all residents;
      (2)   To discourage development of buildings and uses on sites not suited for development;
      (3)   To protect the character and stability of sound existing residential, commercial and industrial areas;
      (4)   To conserve and increase the value of taxable property throughout this municipality;
      (5)   To ensure the provision of adequate light, air and privacy to all occupants of all buildings;
      (6)   To provide adequate parking and access for all buildings and lots;
      (7)   To reduce congestion on the public streets and highways;
      (8)   To protect property from damage caused by fire, or by flooding and poorly controlled storm water runoff;
      (9)   To guide the provision of water, sewer, storm water, and other utilities and municipal services;
      (10)   To reduce the initial costs and future maintenance expenses of public and private improvements and services through thoughtful planning; and
      (11)   To gradually eliminate existing structures and uses that impede achievement of the above objectives.
   (B)   In order to achieve the objectives enumerated in division (A), this chapter:
      (1)   Divides this entire municipality into districts, and permits in each district only those structures and uses that are compatible with the character of such district;
      (2)   Regulates lot size, and the bulk, setbacks, lot coverage, and manner of use of structures;
      (3)   Imposes supplementary regulations to control certain potentially troublesome structures and uses;
      (4)   Sets forth standards for off-street parking areas;
      (5)   Restricts non-conforming lots, structures, and uses that adversely affect the type of development appropriate in each district; and
      (6)   Establishes zoning administrative and enforcement procedures.
(Ord. 2831, passed 3-4-1999)