The City Council hereby authorizes the issuance of Special Event Liquor Licenses. Such liquor licenses shall be subject to the following criteria:
   (A)   No more than 3 such event permits shall be issued to any 1 organization or club during a 1 year period. An event shall be limited to no more than 3 consecutive days.
   (B)   A Special Events Liquor License may be issued to a civic, service, charitable or other not-for- profit organization or to a current liquor license holder for an area which the liquor licensee owns or has the right to use, or which is contiguous to and which extends no farther than 100 feet from the business premises for which the liquor licensee holds an existing license.
   (C)   A Special Permit Liquor License may also be issued to any person who otherwise qualifies for the issuance of a license for premises on private property for a special event, including, but not limited to, wedding parties, employer customer relation events or at openings and the like. If the event is to be held outdoors, it shall be subject to location requirements herein and hereinafter outlined. It shall also be subject to all conditions set forth in divisions (I)(1) through (5).
   (D)   A permit fee per event shall be payable by the permittee upon the issuance of an event permit. The amount of such permit shall be $250.
   (E)   Any alcoholic beverage sold through an event permit must be consumed within the area described in the permit.
   (F)   Any applicant for a Special Permit License shall make application for such a license, on forms provided by the city, at least 15 working days prior to the date for which the licensee shall be issued. The applicant shall state in the application, the hours during which the alcoholic liquor is intended to be sold. In no event shall an event be held after midnight nor before 12:00 noon on any day.
   (G)   If a Special Permit License is issued, the license holder shall comply with any and all requirements of local ordinances or state law.
   (H)   Each licensee shall provided evidence of liability and dram shop insurance for both the licensee and the owner of the premises where the alcoholic liquor is to be sold upon the filing of the application for said liquor license.
   (I)   Any Special Event Permit shall be subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   Use only paper or plastic products to serve alcoholic liquor or food, if the event is out of doors;
      (2)   All sales and consumption pursuant to an event permit issued in accordance with this section shall be conducted within an enclosed area, such area shall have only 1 combined and controlled entrance and exit area and shall be adequately lighted;
      (3)   Monitor means of ingress and egress so as to provide adequate crowd control;
      (4)   Monitor the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages to only those persons authorized to purchase or consume alcohol pursuant to local ordinance and state statute;
      (5)   Prevent alcoholic liquor from being removed from the designated area.
   (J)   A license holder of a Special Event Permit shall post a security deposit in the amount of $250 to secure removal of all refuse, litter, debris, garbage and the like from the property used for the event and the abutting public right-of-way, within 24 hours. upon written application, the 24 hour period may be extended by the local Liquor Control Commissioner for a definite period of time for good cause shown. Good cause shall include, but not be limited to, natural disasters and extreme weather conditions. Failure to cause the clean up within the time allowed by this section, shall cause the security deposit to be forfeited.
   (K)   All actions authorized by this section shall be in addition to and without waiver of any other remedy available to the city.
   (L)   Licenses shall be issued only to those applicants who are eligible for a liquor license as set forth by the laws of the state and the Code of Ordinances of the city.
   (M)   Any organization applying for any liquor license permit shall have been in existence for at least 1 year prior to the application for said license.
(Ord. 3112, passed 9-6-2005)