To secure compliance with this chapter, the Building Inspector may issue a corrective action order. Such order shall be deemed properly served upon the owner, occupant, or operator of the offending lot, structure, or use if it is served upon such party personally, sent by registered mail to his last known address, or posted in a conspicuous place on or about the affected premises. Corrective action orders shall include:
   (A)   A description of the premises sufficient for identification;
   (B)   A statement of what constitutes the violation;
   (C)   An outline of the remedial action necessary to effect compliance;
   (D)   The date by which the violation must be corrected;
   (E)   The date by which any appeal of the correction order must be filed, and a statement of the procedure for so filing;
   (F)   A statement that failure to abide by a corrective action order constitutes a separate violation of this chapter; and
   (G)   A statement of the penalties attached to any violation of this chapter.
(Ord. 2831, passed 3-4-1999)