(A)   As used below, the term PROPOSED refers to “altered,” “enlarged,” or “extended” as well as “completely new.”
   (B)   Every applicant for a temporary certificate of zoning compliance shall submit to the Building Inspector, in a narrative or graphic form, any or all of the following items of information as required by the Building Inspector.
      (1)   Name and address of the applicant;
      (2)   Name and address of the owner or operator of the proposed structure or use, if different from division (1);
      (3)   Nature of the proposed use, including type of activity, manner of operations, number of occupants or employees, and similar matters;
      (4)   Location of the proposed use or structures, and its relationship to existing adjacent uses or structures;
      (5)   Area and dimensions of the site for the proposed structure or use;
      (6)   Existing topography of the site (USGS 10-foot contour data is acceptable), and proposed finished grade;
      (7)   Existing and proposed screening, landscaping and erosion control features on the site, including the parking area;
      (8)   Height, setbacks, and lot coverage of the proposed structures;
      (9)   Number and size of proposed dwelling units, if any;
      (10)   Location and number of proposed parking/loading spaces and access ways;
      (11)   Identification and location of all existing and proposed utilities, whether public or private; and/or
      (12)   Location and square footage of existing and proposed signs by type and class.
(Ord. 2831, passed 3-4-1999)