(a)   As used in these Subdivision Regulations:
      (1)   "Alley" means a public right-of- way for secondary access to abutting properties.
      (2)   "Benchmark" means an accurately established elevation point, generally identified as “BM” printed on a map.
      (3)   "Block" means an area or parcel of land having fixed boundaries surrounded by any/or any combination of highways, streets, watercourses, railroad, parks, etc.
      (4)   "Buffer lot" means a lot on a plat across the end of a street proposed to be extended by future platting or a lot along the length of a street where only part of the width has been dedicated, retained by the owner, but conditionally dedicated on the plat for street purposes when the street is extended or widened.
      (5)   "Building line" means the line of that face of the building nearest the front line of the lot. It includes porches but not steps.
      (6)   "Building, setback line" means a line established on a parcel for the purpose of prohibiting construction of a building between such line and a contiguous lot, an easement, a right-of-way or other public area in the interest of protecting the general welfare. It is the line indicating the minimum horizontal distance between the lot line, easement, or right-of-way line and the building.
      (7)   "Comprehensive plan" means the recommendations and guide for the future development of the County as adopted by the Planning Commission. Such plan may include: recommendations for general land use and development, major thoroughfare plan, zoning districts, transportation, water supply, sewage disposal, parks, and recreational facilities, community facilities, and other items related to planning in the County. Such plans to be in text and maps and may be amended and supplemented by the Planning Commission.
      (8)   "Contour" means a line connecting the points on the land surface, all possessing the same elevation.
         A.   "Approximate contour" means a contour which substitutes for a normal contour whenever there is any doubt of its reliability, usually identified on maps by a dashed line.
         B.   "Contour interval" means the difference in elevation between contours.
      (9)   "Cross walk-way" means a right-of-way commonly called a crosswalk dedicated to public use ten feet in width through a block along lot lines to facilitate pedestrian access to adjacent streets and properties.
      (10)   "Cul-de-sac" means a local street with only one outlet and having an appropriate terminus for the safe and convenient reversal, or turnaround of traffic. It is also known as a dead-end street.
      (11)   "Devil strip" means a strip of undedicated land along the border of a subdivision to prevent public access. It is also known as a spite strip or reserve strip.
      (12)   “Director” means the Planning Director for Columbiana County, Ohio.
      (13)   "Easement" means a grant by the property owner of the use of a strip of land by the public, a corporation, or persons for a specific purpose(s).
      (14)   "Engineer" means a registered professional engineer authorized to practice civil engineering as defined in Ohio R. C. Chapter 9733.
      (15)   "Flood plain" means that portion of land adjacent to a river, creek, or ditch which is covered with water when the river, creek or ditch overflows its banks at flood stage, or is estimated to become subject to flooding.
      (16)   "Frontage road" means a minor street which is generally parallel and continuous to an expressway, freeway, parkway, major or minor street and is so designed as to intercept, collect and distribute traffic desiring to cross, enter or leave such traffic artery, and which provides access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
      (17)   "Grade" means the slope expressed in a percent which indicates the rate of change in elevation in feet per hundred feet.
      (18)   "Lot" means a parcel of land containing less than five acres.
         A.   "Lot, butt" means a lot whose side line abuts the rear line of another. Lots so located that each such lot shares at least one boundary in common with at least one other such lot is referred to as being "contiguous".
         B.   "Lot, corner" means a lot situated at the intersection of two or more streets having an angle of intersection of not more than 135 degrees.
         C.   "Lot, depth" means the average horizontal distance between front and rear lot lines measured in the direction of the side lot lines.
         D.   "Lot, line" means the property lines bounding the lot.
            1.   "Front lot line" means the line separating such lot from any street. In the case of corner lots, there shall be as many front lines as there are street frontages.
            2.   "Rear lot lines" mean any boundary of a lot which abuts an alley; provided if there be no alley abutting the lot then the rear lot line shall be as follows: If there be one front line, then the rear line shall be the boundary opposite the front line. If there be two front lines, then the rear line shall be the boundary opposite the shorter front line; if both front lines are equal length, the rear line shall be fixed by the Planning Commission on the basis of the orientation at existing structures and prevailing frontages.
            3.   "Side lot lines" mean any lot line, not a front line or a rear lot line.
         E.   "Lot, reversed corner" means a corner lot the side street of which is substantially a continuation of the front lot line of the first lot to its rear.
         F.   "Lot, double-frontage” means a lot having frontage on two parallel, or approximately parallel, streets or roads.
         G.   "Lot, width" means the distance parallel to the front lot line, measured between side lot lines at setback lines.
      (19)   "Monument" means a cylindrical concrete marker six inches in diameter and thirty inches in length with a quarter inch iron rod cast at the center axis of the cylinder. Such marker shall be placed in a vertical position with its top level with the surface of the surrounding ground.
      (20)   "Municipality" means the Village of Lisbon, Ohio, or any incorporated city or village.
      (21)   "Open space land" means undeveloped, or predominantly undeveloped, land having use for park, recreation, conservation, historic or scenic purposes.
      (22)   "Pavement" means that portion of a roadway having an improved hard surface.
      (23)   "Performance bond" means an agreement by and between a subdivider, or developer, and a bonding company in favor of the Board of County Commissioners of Columbiana County, Ohio, for the amount of the estimated construction and/or other improvements cost guaranteeing the completion of physical improvements according to plans and specifications within the time prescribed by the subdivider's agreement.
      (24)   "Planning Commission" means the County Planning Commission for Columbiana County, Ohio.
      (25)   "Plat" means a map of a tract or parcel of land of the subdivider's plan which he submits for approval and intends to record in the final form, and, on which is marked the location, the courses and distances of the different lines, the individual boundaries, and the quality of land contained.
      (26)   "Preliminary plat" means a map, drawing or chart indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision to be submitted to the Planning Commission for its consideration.
      (27)   "Public water and sewer facilities" means those facilities approved by the County Health and Sanitary Engineer Officers.
      (28)   "Reserves" means parcel, or parcels of land within a subdivision that are intended for future use.
      (29)   "Right-of-way" means a strip of land reserved or dedicated for use as public means of ingress and egress. The width between property lines, of a street, alley, crosswalk or easement.
      (30)   "Street" means a public thoroughfare for vehicular traffic dedicated for public use and used primarily for access to the abutting properties.
         A.   "Street, collector" means a public thoroughfare which carries traffic from minor streets to the major systems of arterial streets and highways, including the principal entrance streets of residential development and streets for circulation within such developments; a street connecting two major thoroughfares.
         B.   "Street, residential" means a minor street which generally provides access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic, the primary purpose of which is to conduct traffic from residences to the collector system.
      (31)   "Subdivider" means any person, persons, partnership, association, corporation or other legal entity or duly authorized agent who effects or undertakes the subdivision of land.
      (32)   "Subdivision" means the division of any parcel of land shown as a unit or as contiguous units on the last preceding tax roll, into two or more parcels, sites or lots, any one of which is less than five acres in size for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or building developer.
         A.   "Minor subdivision" means a subdivision along an existing public street, involving not more than three lots after the original tract has been completely subdivided, and not involving the opening, widening or extension of any street, road or alteration of any publicly owned facility.
         B.   "Major subdivision" means a subdivision other than a minor subdivision.
      (33)   "Surveyor" means a surveyor, registered in the State, as defined by the Registration Act of the State.
      (34)   "Thoroughfare plan" means the official highway plan of Columbiana County establishing the right-of-way width of area highways.
      (35)   "Topography" means the features of the earth, including relief, vegetation and water.
      (36)   "Tracing" means a translucent drawing on linen, mylar, cronoaflax or equal, from which a print can be taken directly.
      (37)   "Walkway" means a right-of-way reserved for pedestrian use.
      (38)   "Watercourse" means the natural course, or artificial channel, in which a steady or intermittent flow of water occurs or is provided for. It normally consists of a bed and a channel, or conduit, or other confining passageway.
      (39)   "Water pollution" means the placing of any noxious or deleterious substance in any waters of Columbiana County which renders such water harmful or inimical to the public health, or to animal or aquatic life, or to the use of such waters for domestic water supply, industrial or agricultural purposes, or for recreation.
      (40)   "Water resources" means all waters of the state occurring on the surface in natural or artificial channels and in subsurface aquifers which are available or may be made available to agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic uses.
      (41)   "Water supply and sewage disposal system.
         A.   "Water supply system":
            1.   "Community water" means a source of water and a distribution system including treatment facilities, whether publicly or privately owned, serving two or more individual lots.
            2.   "Individual water supply" means a single system of piping, pumps, tanks, or other facilities utilizing a source of ground or surface water to supply only a single lot.
         B.   "Sewage disposal systems":
            1.   "Community sewage system" means any system, whether publicly or privately owned, serving two or more individual lots.
            2.   "Individual sewage system" means a system of sewers and piping, treatment tanks, or other facilities serving only a single lot.
         C.   "Drinking water" means water free from impurities in amount sufficient to cause disease or harmful physiological effects; with the bacteriological and chemical quality conforming to the applicable standards as emphasized by the County Board of Health.
(Ord. 1164.  Passed 8-16-82.)