(a)   When Permitted. Where a public sanitary sewer is not available under the provisions of Section 927.04(d), the building sewer shall be connected to a private wastewater disposal system complying with the provisions of this Section.
   (b)   Permit. Before commencement of construction of a private wastewater disposal system, the owner shall first obtain a written permit from the Columbiana County Health Department. The application for such a permit shall be made on a form furnished by the County, which the applicant shall supplement by any plans, specifications, and other information as deemed necessary by the County. A permit and inspection fee shall be paid to the County at the time the application is filed; said fee to be determined by the County.
   (c)   Design and Inspection. The design and inspection of a private wastewater disposal system shall comply with all recommendations and requirements of the County.
   (d)   Operation and Maintenance of Private Disposal Facilities. The owner shall operate and maintain the private wastewater disposal facilities in a sanitary manner at all times, at no expense to the Village or the County. All privies, privy vaults, septic tanks, cesspools, and other disposal facilities shall be kept free from odor so as not to cause a nuisance to persons and properties within the vicinity.
   (e)   Connection to Public Sewer At such time as a public sanitary sewer becomes available to a property served by a private wastewater disposal system, a direct connection shall be made to the public sanitary sewer in compliance with the conditions of this chapter, and any septic tanks, cesspools, and similar private wastewater disposal facilities shall be abandoned and filled with suitable material.
(Ord. 1487.  Passed 9-12-94.)