Parking Violations Bureau
   Editor's note: Resolution 1721, passed March 24, 2003, created a non-criminal Parking Violations Bureau pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4521.02. There are no sections in Chapter 138. This chapter has been established to provide a place for cross references and future legislation.
   Enforcement of regulatory ordinances - see Ohio R.C. 4521
   Fine schedule for enforcement of regulatory ordinances - see Ohio R.C. 4521.01(A)
   Time within which to answer parking infraction - see Ohio R.C. 4521.01(C)
   Notice of parking violation - see Ohio R.C. 4521.03(A)
   Operation of traffic bureau - see Ohio R.C. 4521.05
   Authority to regulate local traffic - see TRAF. 305.01
   Parking generally - see TRAF. Ch. 351
   Parking violations - see TRAF. 351.15
   Parking meters - see TRAF. Ch. 353