Village Fiscal Officer
   Editor's Note: Pursuant to Ohio R C. 733.262, Ordinance 1710, passed January 6, 2003, replaced the elected office of Village Clerk-Treasurer with the appointed office of Village Fiscal Officer. All references in these Codified Ordinances to Village Clerk-Treasurer shall mean the Village Fiscal Officer.
   Loss of funds; release of liability - see Ohio R.C. 131.16 et seq.
   Uniform Bond Law - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 133
   Uniform Depository Act - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 135
   Auditing accounts - see Ohio R.C. 733.12 et seq.
   Election and terms - see Ohio R.C. 733.26
   Merger of offices of Clerk and Treasurer - see Ohio R.C. 733.261
   Powers and duties - see Ohio R.C. 733.27, 733.44
   Annual report to Council - see Ohio R.C. 733.45