(a)   The following areas are hereby declared to be “snow emergency” areas: the area east of the square to Vine Street; the area west of the square to the Columbiana County Juvenile Justice Center; the areas south of the square to Maple Street; the area north of the square to Chestnut Street, including Chestnut Street from Market Street to Moore Street.
   (b)   A snow emergency shall be in effect when it is determined by the Village Mayor or the Street Foreman that, in the interest of public safety, the removal of vehicles from the snow emergency area in order to plow streets in the area is necessary.
   (c)   No vehicle shall be permitted to park on any street designated within the snow emergency area when a snow emergency has been declared.
   (d)   The Village Street Department shall erect signs designating the snow emergency area.
   (e)   Vehicles found to be parked on the streets during a snow emergency shall be towed at the owner’s expense.
   (f)   The Mayor or the Village Street Foreman shall take all necessary steps to notify the public when a snow emergency has been declared.
(Ord. 1522.  Passed 2-26-96.)