(a)   The owner, agent, lessee, or party in control of any vacant building, shall apply for and obtain a certificate of inspection from the Village Zoning Inspector within thirty days of receiving a "notice of vacancy" and annually thereafter, unless a waiver is given.
   (b)   Upon selling, transferring or conveying an interest in property or entering into an agreement to sell, transfer or otherwise convey an interest in such property the owner shall provide the certificate of inspection to the purchaser or transferee. The certificate of inspection shall list thereon all known violations of Village ordinances found as a results of exterior and interior inspection.
   (c)   The owner shall deposit in escrow a statement signed by the purchaser or transferee acknowledging receipt of the certificate of inspection, and such statement shall list thereon the date the certification was given to the purchaser or transferee.
(Ord. 2017-2013.  Passed 2-13-2018.)