(a)   All exterior parts of structures shall be maintained weather tight and so as to resist decay or deterioration from any cause. This includes exterior walls, parapet walls, chimney, windows, doors and all other exterior structures, either above or below the roof line.
   (b)   Any structure or secondary or appurtenant structure whose exterior surface is bare, deteriorated, ramshackle, tumbledown, decaying, disintegrating or in poor repair must be repaired or razed as follows:
      (1)   All buckled, rotted, decayed or deteriorated walls, doors, windows, porches, floors, steps, ceilings, soffits, posts, sills, trim and missing members thereof must be replaced and put in good condition.
      (2)   All replacements must reasonably match and conform to the original design if not replaced completely.
      (3)   All exterior wood or exterior unfinished surfaces must be sealed and painted, surface covered with other approved protective coating or treated to prevent rot and decay, and shall conform and match the existing paint or surface covering and the original design or replacement thereof. All exterior walls and surfaces must be properly protected against the weather where such are defective or lack weather protection, including lack of paint or surface covering, or where such have weathered due to lack of proper protective covering.
   (c)   Any structure or secondary or appurtenant structure whose exterior surface is deteriorated, decaying, or disintegrating, or whose exterior surface has been impaired through peeling or flaking of the paint or other protective coating, shall be repaired, repainted or resurfaced as follows:
      (1)   All exterior surfaces shall be replaced or repaired in good condition preparatory to repainting or coating.
      (2)   All bare exterior surfaces which are flaking or crumbling shall be replaced or sealed in a good and workman like manner.
      (3)   All new or repaired bare surfaces shall be painted or coated.
      (4)   All exterior surfaces weathered with dirt and grime or which are peeling or flaking shall be painted or covered with an approved protective coating or surface.
(Ord. 1372.  Passed 3-25- 91; Ord. 2005.  Passed 10-10-2017.)