(A)   The City of Linton owns and operates a municipal electric distribution system, known as Linton Municipal Electric Utility, for the purpose of distributing electrical energy in the city and surrounding areas.
   (B)   The City of Linton is a member of and purchases all of its power and energy from the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA).
   (C)   IMPA has adopted a Peak Management program for the purpose of implementing direct load control of central air conditioners and electric water heaters; and, to encourage participation in the Peak Management program, IMPA will provide a credit against a member’s purchased power expense for each switch installed on its customers’ appliances in the amount of $1 per month (year round) for water heaters and $2 per month (June through September only) for central air conditioners.
   (D)   The Peak Management program contemplates that a member will flow through to its retail customers the credit it receives from IMPA as part of the program.
   (E)   The credit available under the IMPA’s Peak Management program affects the rates and charges previously approved for electrical services provided by the Linton Municipal Electric Utility, making it necessary for this municipal legislative body to adopt appropriate tariff provisions to implement the Peak Management credit program.
   (F)   There shall be and there is hereby established, for the use of and the service rendered by the Linton Municipal Electric Utility, the Peak Management Credit described on Attachment PM.
   (G)   This section shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval of the Common Council of the City of Linton, Indiana.
(Ord. 96-4, passed 7-8-1996)
Editor’s note:
   Two copies of the provisions adopted by reference in this section are available for public inspection at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer during regular business hours.