1.   The Controller is authorized to obtain credit cards in the name of the City of Linton from only one credit card company and administer the use of these cards.
   2.   The use of the credit card will not change, replace, or bypass Linton's accounting system. Purchase orders shall be required so that funds may be encumbered and appropriations tracked in order to provide the City Council with accurate accounting information as needed.
   3.   In all instances, an employee or official shall confirm with the Controller prior to making any purchase to assure the availability of funds.
   4.   The Controller will maintain a log of the names of persons given credit cards, their positions, estimated amounts to be charged, funds and account numbers to be charged, dates the card are issued, and dates the cards are returned. A copy of this Credit Card,Policy and a Credit Card Holder Agreement will be issued and a signed copy returned prior to issuance ofthe card.
   5.   The employee or official that is issued the credit card is responsible for its protection and custody and immediately shall notify the Controller if the card is lost or stolen. An official or employee shall be responsible personally for any funds paid by Linton resulting from the negligent care or custody of the credit card.
   6.   The credit card shall be limited to the purchase of goods and services for only official business that has been authorized in the budget of Linton. The credit card may not be used for cash advances, personal use, or for any other non-authorized purchase. (Electronic confirmation shall be considered a written confirmation).
   7.   Payment for the credit card charges will not be made on the basis of a credit card statement or slip only. The procedures for payment will be the same as all other business transactions with a purchase order, documentation (which should include an itemized receipt), and signed claim. The official or employee, personally, shall be responsible for the payment of any improper itemized or documented items, late receipts, absence of a purchase order or signed claim as well as any interest, penalty, carrying charges, or sales tax (for which the City is exempt) on the credit card bill.
   8.   Unless disputed, the credit card charges will be paid promptly in full every billing cycle so that no improper charges, interest, carrying charges, or penalties will be incurred.
   9.   The Clerk-Treasurer is authorized to pay a reasonable nominal annual fee for each credit card.
   10.   Appropriate discipline shall be taken against any official or employee who improperly uses a Linton credit card.
(Ord. 2012-17, passed 11-13-2012)