(A)   The Common Council of the City of Linton, in order to protect the health and safety of its citizens, determines that the City of Linton should adopt and incorporate by reference Indiana Code 36-7-9, and any subsequent amendments or additions to the statute, in order to provide a method for the enforcement of building standards and for regulation and abatement of unsafe building and unsafe premises.
   (B)   The City of Linton hereby adopts and incorporates by reference Indiana Code 36-7-9 and all amendments and additions thereto, as from time to time may be made pursuant to Indiana Code 36-7-9-3.
   (C)   The Iinton Municipal Fire Department is the executive department authorized to administer the provisions of this Ordinance and of Indiana Code 36-7-9.
   (D)   The Fire Chief of the Linton Municipal Fire Department is the Enforcement Authority, as defined by Indiana Code 36-7-9, and is authorized to engage inspection officers and other designees and/or agents to assist in the administration of this chapter.
   (E)   The Board of Works of the City of Linton is the Hearing Authority, as defined by Indiana Code 36-7-9.
   (F)   If any notice is issued or action taken that directs or orders the repair, removal, or abatement of any unsafe building, unsafe premises, structure, or condition, any person with a "substantial property interest" in the real property on which the unsafe building, unsafe premises, structure, or condition is situated shall be entitled to such notice. The definition of "substantial property interest" in Indiana Code 36-7-9 is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference.
   (G)   This Chapter shall apply to all unsafe buildings and unsafe premises and Chapter 94 shall be inapplicable to unsafe buildings and unsafe premises, except insofar as a violation of Chapter 94 could serve as a basis for proceeding under Section 150.04(5). All procedures for issuing violation notices, orders, appeals, and any other administration of this Chapter shall be pursuant to Indiana Code 36-7-p and any amendments thereto.
(Ord. 83-4, passed 7-12-1983; Am. Ord. 2012-06, passed 05-14-2012)