(A)   Ownership of park. The City of Linton owns the facility known as Sunset Park.
   (B)   Available to public. This facility has available to the public scuba diving, fishing and camping sites and can accommodate 50 to 60 campers.
   (C)   Rules and regulations.
      (1)   Use bottle gas for heat at your expense.
      (2)   No electric heaters (this will be checked).
      (3)   A person must let the water drain back, and unhook the water line when he or she is gone.
      (4)   A person must use heat tape around his or her water lines.
      (5)   No outside full size stoves, refrigerators or other unsightly items.
      (6)   Pets. No more than two dogs outside the camper. Both must be tied up. Do not leave animals tied up outside if he or she is going away for an extended period of time. The dogs should not disturb other campers.
      (7)   Put all trash in the barrels or take to his or her trash bin.
      (8)   Quiet hour: If he or she has children the person should be at his or her campsite by 11:00 p.m. Those who have been sent back to their campsite will be warned. If a person has to be warned twice, he or she may be asked to leave.
      (9)   Speed limit: The speed limit is posted as an individual enters the campground. It is a small campground, but kids cross the roads every few seconds. Please watch for them.
      (10)   During the summer the gate is shut but not locked at 9:00 p.m.  The city asks that individuals and guests shut the gate if individuals come in later than that time.
   (D)   Effective date. The above fees, rules and regulations will be in effect upon adoption by the Common Council for the City of Linton.
(Ord. 96-2, passed 2-12-1996; Am. Ord. 2011-1, passed 3-30-2011)