(A)   The rent on the Linton Community Building will be $125 for the day it is being totally utilized, and $75 additional if an individual needs to use the building the day before only partially to decorate or to set a band up and will not be using the kitchen facilities on that day. If all facilities are being used a fee of $125 will still be assessed as usage for the whole day.
   (B)   This chapter shall take effect and be in full force on and after its passage and approval by the Mayor and the Common Council for the City of Linton, Indiana.
   (C)   Anyone renting the facility and using it within a seven-day period of reservation, must pay the fee by cash instead of a check.
   (D)   Reservations will be made available to the building one year in advance due to the planning that is required for large receptions or activities, but still payable at the time the reservation is made and non-refundable.
   (E)   (1)   An additional fee will be assessed on the facilities at the time of picking up the key for rental.
      (2)   The following will be assessed:
         (a)   Small shelters:         $5 deposit for key and $15 for clean-up.
         (b)   Community building:      $5 deposit for key and $45 for clean-up.
   (F)   All deposits will be returned to renter upon return of key and after our people check the facility to verify the renter has cleaned up after his or her reservation. This means that the renter must have the building cleaned up by the end of his or her reservation so the next person will start with a clean place. If the city finds the building unclean upon checking, the cleaning deposit will be non-refundable.
   (G)   All key and cleaning deposits will be paid by cash as these monies will not be deposited by the City of Linton, allowing for immediate refund.
   (H)   This amendment will affect all applications for year starting January 1,1996. All people having reservations made and paid for previous to this date will be notified of the change after adoption of this chapter.
(Ord.95-1, passed 1-9-1995; Am. Ord. 95-13, passed 9-11-1995; Am. Ord. 95-19, passed 12-11-1995)