(1)   Application.
      (a)   Any person desiring to make connection to the municipal sanitary sewer system shall apply to the city for a permit for the connection. The application shall be submitted on blanks furnished by the city and shall be accompanied by plans, specifications and any other information as is required by the city to evaluate the application, together with a permit and inspection fee to be determined in the city fee schedule. All costs and expenses incident to the installation and connection shall be borne by the owner and the owner shall indemnify the city for any loss or damage that may, directly or indirectly, be occasioned by the installation of the sewer connection, including restoring streets and street surfaces.
(Am. Ord. 10-94, passed 4-11-1994)
      (b)   Any person, firm or corporation who shall commence work of any kind for which a permit is required under this chapter, without first having received the necessary permit therefor, shall, when subsequently securing the permit, be required to pay double the fees provided by this chapter for the permit and shall be subject to all other applicable penal provisions of this code.
   (2)   Permits.
      (a)   Permits shall only be issued when the applications show that the work is to be done by persons, firms or corporations (other than the owner/occupant of residential property) who have been duly licensed by the city to engage in the business of sewer installation within the city, who have paid the required fee and have filed the bonds and insurance certificates required under this section.
      (b)   No permit shall be issued until the plumbing in the building to be served is inspected by the Plumbing Inspector and altered, if necessary, to conform to the Minnesota Plumbing and Building Code, to the extent necessary to permit a proper and safe connection to the municipal sanitary sewer system.
      (c)   Upon completion of the work, a copy of the permit shall be signed and dated by the licensed individual or firm making the sewer installation and delivered to the plumbing inspector at the time he or she makes his or her final inspection of the work. The plumbing inspector shall sign the permit to show that the work and material conform to the city regulations. The permit shall also be filled out showing the kind and size of pipe, the kind of joint used, the length of house connection, the depth at the street, the depth at the house, the distance from either side of the house where the connection is made to the house plumbing, and any other information listed on the permit form or requested by the city plumbing inspector.
   (3)   Licenses.  Before any person, firm or corporation is licensed to engage in the business of sewer installation within the city, he or she shall make application to the city for the license, shall pay the following fee, and shall file with the city the following bond and insurance requirements.
      (a)   The fee for the license shall be established by city resolution and each license shall terminate on December 31 next after its issuance. Licenses shall not be transferable.
      (b)   A surety bond in the face amount of $5,000 running to the city, approved by the Council, conditioned that the city will be saved harmless from any loss, damage, cost or expense, by reason of any work performed under this chapter, or by reason of improper or inadequate performance or compliance with the terms of this chapter by the holder of the license or his or her agent or employees.
      (c)   A certificate of insurance or copies of public liability and property damage insurance policies as provided for in the code.
      (d)   The requirement for a license and a surety bond does not apply to any person licensed by the state as a plumber or journeyman plumber.
   (4)   License revocation.  The Council may revoke any license at any time if the licensee shall violate the provisions of this or any other provision of the code. No licensee shall allow his or her name to be used by any other person for the purpose of doing any work within the city, except that this provision shall not prevent a licensed plumber from employing the services of a licensed pipe layer or licensed sewer installer. All revocations shall follow the procedure in § 601.06 of this code.
(Prior Code, § 402.04)