(1)   Any buildings used for human habitation or for human occupancy, including all business buildings, unless specifically exempted by the Council on the grounds that no human beings occupy or use the buildings and no sewage wastes are generated therein, located on property adjacent to a sewer main, or in a block through which the system extends, shall be required to petition for sanitary sewer service and to connect thereto when their present on-site sewage system fails. The owner of the property shall pay all assessments for sanitary sewer in accordance with Lino Lakes assessment policies. No permits will be granted for reconstruction of existing on-site systems when city sanitary sewer service is available to the property.
   (2)   Agricultural buildings hereafter constructed within the city on property adjacent to a sewer main or in a block through which the system extends shall be provided with a connection to the municipal sanitary sewer system for the disposal of all human wastes.
(Prior Code, § 402.02)  (Am. Ord. 14-97, passed 6-23-1997; Am. Ord. 11-19, passed 12-23-2019)